Reckless. And then there was grace.

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It was a Thursday morning at work and I had an appointment with the Japanese embassy for our client’s visa application. I had several stuffs running through my head that I forgot the cover letter for my application. Well at least I thought I attached it before I left, but turns out I did not. Given the extreme traffic in the metro, I did not have the luxury of time to go back to the office to get it. So I decided to just submit it anyway. Will the consul be considerate? Maybe. Maybe not.

I was on queue and when it was my turn, the lady in the process window greeted me with a smile and said, “I have been waiting for you since yesterday.” I smiled back but I knew I was in trouble. So I told her, “Actually, I have a confession to make. I forgot the cover letter. It is my fault Ma’am, I really apologize. Can I come back tomorrow so I can give it to you?” I was expecting for my application to get rejected because of incomplete requirements. But on the side I was also hopeful I will be accorded undeserved kindness despite of my being irresponsible. I was surprised when she smilingly responded, “It’s alright. There is no need to come back tomorrow.” And she accepted the application. I thanked her before I walked away.

On my way back to the office, I thought of what just happened at the embassy. That was undeserved kindness. That was grace. I realized, such is the love of God, that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9)” Most of the time I am ashamed to come before God because I am afraid he is already fed up with my sins and I can no longer be forgiven. But the Bible says, he is faithful and he is just and he will forgive us if we confess our sins. There will be no condemnation. We can come as we are.

I am not sure why the lady was gracious to me that day but for whatever reason it was so, that incident reminded me of the affirmation of God’s love, an assurance that no matter how reckless I have been, I can always find forgiveness if I humble myself before Him.

The greatest expression of God’s grace is when he sent Jesus to die for the forgiveness of our sins so that we may have eternal life if we believe in him. Do we deserve that supreme act of sacrifice? No. But God did it because of his great love for us. —


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