A Glimpse of Spring in South Korea

Spring is one of the best times to travel to South Korea. In Seoul, different flowers adorn the streets. The ginkgo trees lined along the roads and the maple trees surrounding the palaces are simply mesmerizing. It is that time of the year when cherry blossoms burst forth in bloom. Here’s a glimpse of this beautiful season.

DSC_0186The weather is generally pleasant in spring. The days are sunny and cool; perfect for sightseeing.

DSC_0025.JPGTemperature can drop to 2 degrees during the night or even lower during wee hours. Forgive my pink socks.

DSC_0595.JPGAnd some days can dump rains so do check the daily weather forecast, which, by the way, is very accurate.

DSC_0512.JPGThe highlight of spring? Cherry blossoms! We arrived on the second week of April in 2015 and we were lucky they are still around in some areas in Seoul. The flowers usually last a week. When the flowers fall, the leaves of the cherry tree come forth.

DSC_0277.JPGvibrant maple tree in Deoksugung Palace

DSC_0203.JPGIn Seoul, the streets are adorned with different kinds of flowers.

DSC_0184.JPGThis one’s confidently beautiful…in a pot.

DSC_0383.JPGCharming purple flowers within Deoksugung grounds

DSC_0421.JPGThese pink flowers complement the façade of Seoul City Hall.

DSC_0441.JPGA cart of flowers at the Seoul City Hall grounds

DSC_0513.JPGUp close with the famed cherry blossoms

DSC_0868.JPGTulips at the Garden of Morning Calm in Gapyeong

DSC_0254.JPGI chanced upon this Korean magpie while I was seated on a log bench along the riverbank of Nami Island.

DSC_0234.JPGNami Island is 50 kilometers away from Seoul. This man-made island is popular among travelers for a day trip outside the city.

DSC_0188.JPGWhite cherry blossoms in Nami Island. The flowers look like snow on the trees.

Did you miss spring this 2017? Then start planning your trip for 2018. Spring creeps in around end of March in Busan and in early April in Seoul. But for more accurate information, look out for the cherry blossoms forecast which is usually announced in early February.


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  1. This looks like such a beautiful place!


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    1. Yes, it truly is 🙂


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