About Wanders of Eve


April 30, 2018

I was 27 when I had my first airplane ride when I was sent to Cebu for a business trip. I was 30 when I started traveling in 2015. Being the eldest, I had to put on hold my own interests in order to support my family and help send my two younger siblings to college. 

Now two years into traveling, six countries and sixteen cities, it has been quite an amazing journey for me. From someone who simply wanted to reward herself for her hard work, travel has significantly changed the way I see things. I became fascinated with culture, history and ancient architecture. My too narrow understanding of people who speak different languages and whose skin colors are different than mine turned into a newfound respect; I realized it is our differences that enable us to complete and to complement each other. I encountered empathy in a different light particularly when I traveled to the outskirts of Phnom Penh. As I stood in awe of the progress of Japan and South Korea, I was encouraged to sincerely pray for my own country.

I discovered we do not define travel. Travel defines us. At times it acts as a mirror; it exposes our values and when we respond rightly, it nurtures our soul. 

I am a traveler who is a work in progress. As I embark on more journeys ahead I hope to become a better version of myself every time I come back home. Someday, I hope to tell my children a lot of good stories from the road.

I hope my stories inspire you today 🙂

** This was featured in Humans of Tripzilla by Tripzilla Magazine, an online publisher and travel website based in Singapore. Check them out for more travel stories at http://www.tripzilla.com.



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